United to stay in RFK homeless shelter after PG County spurns team

Bye bye, Prince George’s County

It seems that, on their own, the county’s council listened to some of the concerns I had about a stadium, and added some of their own. I’ve been around too many issues like this to have gone into this an optimist (sorry Mike). And Martin’s comment about this was right on; bureaucracy can do in the best of a deal, and on the surface, I’m not sure if this was the best deal for all parties.

No deal is a lock until shovels are in the ground, and really, not until the opening whistle on the first day the new stadium is opened. 

Team spokesperson Doug Hicks says United is talking with other jurisdictions.

Does this put DC back in play? Virginia? Another Maryland location? St. Louis? Ottawa? Hard to say. But I think the message from legislators is that they want the team to take the most risk, and the government to get the most reward. Governments want to assume as little risk – real or perceived – as possible.  

Somewhere in there there has to be compromise on both sides. 

DC United has to get a good enough deal to make money, and ultimately, so does whatever locality that decides on building  a stadium. 

After much fanfare, and with support from county legislators, some have reversed course. Are we surprised? 

Though I am, and remain, a pessimist about a stadium deal getting done nearterm, I do have hope. 

I just have the feeling that in this economic climate, the team and MLS are going to have to put up most, if not all of the collateral to keep the team in the region.

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