United vs Portland: “Soft” goals contribute to 2-0 loss to Timbers

To say that D.C. United head coach Ben Olsen was agitated after tonight’s 2-0 loss to the Portland Timbers is a bit of an understatement.

Any confidence from United stopping their club-record seven-game losing streak with a draw last Sunday against Sporting Kansas City quickly evaporated after falling behind early once again and failing to have the fortitude to fight back into the match.

Calling his team “soft” after the match was just the tip of the iceberg as Olsen first remained tight-lipped with one word answers before finally opening up and speaking his mind in assessing where his 1-9-2 team stands after the first third of the season had completed. ”

Rodney Wallace and Darlington Nagbe scored on either side of the break as Portland extended their team record unbeaten run to 11 matches while extending United’s run of futility to a team-record 10 matches without a win. Defensive errors were once again the death of United and Brandon McDonald was at the center of both goals. In the 22nd minute, McDonald took a poor angle on a seemingly innocent throw-in and Timbers forward Frederic Piqiuonne took advantage of the misplay and moved towards the top of the penalty area. With defenders Ethan White and Chris Korb closing on the Frenchman, he easily slipped the ball to a wide-open Wallace on the left side and his left-footed blast beat goalkeeper Bill Hamid to the near post for a 1-0 lead.

Unfortunately for United being behind has become a dangerous habit as the club has not held a lead in a league match since their 1-0 win over Real Salt Lake in the second week of the season. United has led for only 30 minutes out of 1080 minutes this season, a streak that has come to typify United’s season to date.

United managed to create a number of scoring opportunities during this match thanks in part to the efforts of Carlos Ruiz, making his first ever start for the Black-and-Red. Ruiz had a shot saved early on before the Wallace goal and was in the middle of nearly every dangerous attack on the evening.

After the break United started to push players forward in an effort to gain the equalizing goal but another costly misplay in defense stretched the lead to 2-0 in the 57th minute. Timber midfielder Darlington Nagbe beat Brandon McDonald to a loose ball at the top of the area and sent his shot through the legs of Hamid for the dagger goal. Nagbe, at least five inches and fifty pounds slighter than the muscular McDonald, simply outhustled the defender and left United in another desperate situation.

“It’s embarrassing how soft we were everywhere on the field. The lack of anger a few of our guys play with, it’s mind-boggling,” said Olsen after the match. While Olsen said he did not want to single any players out, it was clear that he had McDonald and the continually ineffective Marcos Sanchez in mind (Sanchez was subbed out at halftime). “DeLeon, Kitchen, Ruiz, any day of the week. The rest of the guys – we have a long way to go,” Olsen lamented. It did not stop there.

“We have to get new guys in here. We’re not good enough,” said Olsen. “We only had a couple of individuals show up and show that it (expletive) matters. I’ve had it with that part.”

United did have an opportunity to cut the lead in half but a non-call from referee Jose Carlos Rivero put an end to any comeback for United. A clear handball on Timber defender Andrew Jean-Baptiste somehow managed to go unseen by Rivero or either of the assistant referes’s. Perhaps a bit of kharma was dealt to United for the goal that was called back for offside this past Sunday against Sporting Kansas City.

United now turns their attention to the Open Cup on Tuesday evening when they travel to Richmond to face the Kickers. United’s next league match will be next Sunday in Chicago.

United obtains Dax McCarty, lose Jordan Graye and Rodney Wallace on Expansion Draft Day

D.C. United was a major player today on two fronts as Major League Soccer held their Expansion Draft this afternoon. The Portland Timbers and Vancouver Whitecaps alternated picking 10 players each to help fill their rosters for their debut seasons in MLS. With the first pick the Timbers selected FC Dallas midfielder Dax McCarty, a surprise omission from MLS Cup runners-up FC Dallas’ protected list. In a shock move McCarty was then shipped to the Nations Capitol for defender Rodney Wallace. United also received allocation money and a fourth-round pick in the upcoming SuperDraft in January.

United defender Jordan Graye was selected 19th overall by the Timbers in the draft and will join Wallace in the Northwest to start the 2011 MLS campaign. Graye made a number of starts in his rookie season with the Black-and-Red and showed good promise. Unfortunately for Graye devastating mistakes also followed the rookie throughout the season and resulted in a number of goals that turned United victories into losses. Wallace only played a handful of matches in his sophomore season with United due to injuries and was probably deemed a luxury item as Jed Zayner came on board with United late in the season and turned in a number of impressive performances.

With United holding the #3 pick in the upcoming SuperDraft and with a number of potentially effective defenders available for selection, United made the move to ship Wallace away. In return United gets a fantastic two-way midfielder in McCarty who was amongst the best players on the field for this past Sunday’s MLS Cup final won by Colorado 2-1 in extra time. McCarty is a very skilled and hard working midfielder who works equally well in both directions. McCarty is also a fantastic free-kick taker in terms of placement.

In recent years United hasn’t exactly been a shining light in terms of getting the best of trades within the league, but this one seems to be a winner for United from the outset. Player for player this would have been a fantastic trade for United, but they also obtained a fourth-round pick and allocation money as well.

DC United On its Last Gasp in Kansas City

Yes, when Chicago won and Jabloteh lost, it was pretty much a poke in the eye and just about the worst day of the season for DC United, but DC have a golden chance to redeem themselves and scrape into the MLS playoffs with a win in Kansas City and some good results around the rest of the league.

OK, so last year, it was NY hanging around waiting for someone to knock them out, and it never happened so they backed into the playoffs when DC lost and parlayed that good fortune into their only MLS cup run ever. Now, the shoe is on DC’s foot as they are pretty much waiting for other teams to knock them out, but they can make that task a lot harder by winning in KC, a place that has been exceedingly friendly to United over the years.

So, without further ado, I will make your playoff scenario lives easier. If DC wins and Dallas wins, United are very likely to make the playoffs. If DC wins and Dallas loses, DC is almost certainly out unless Colorado fails to win too and some other results go the right way as well. Now, incredibly, DC can make the playoffs with a tie if a lot of other results fall perfectly, but those chances are dicey to expect, so it’s not even worth thinking about them. Bottom line, DC must win on the road in order to need the least amount of help getting to the playoffs.

Incredibly, all the other teams at 39 points vying for that last spot are also playing on the road too. TFC ostensibly has the easiest match at the pitiful Red Bulls, but that is the last match in Giants Stadium, and under Richie, NY is a lot tougher out than they have been all year and what better way to audition for the DC job next year than to help them into the playoffs! DC at KC has the next easiest match, then NE at the Crew and Dallas at Seattle both have tough matches, but against teams that have already clinched the Supporter’s Shield and their spot in the playoffs respectively. No doubt, those two higher seeds will not want to lose their final home matches, but you would assume the visitors would easily be the more desperate teams.

Away records are not much help either as Dallas and NE have but three wins on the road, while TFC, Colorado and DC are right in there with two each. Of course, DC’s two wins were utter flukes, but hey they were robbed a few points on the road too. Looking at road performance, DC and Dallas have scored the most on the road, but also given up the most too, with Colorado and TFC coming in a couple goals behind them. Incredibly, NE with a 6-0 loss in RSL has still given up far less goals on the road than anyone else, but then again they have only scored half as many too with a mere 10 goals and therefore have the worst goal differential by far. FCD has scored 23, DC 22, TFC 19, and Colorado 18.

But all that goes out the window anyway when you consider the opponents each team has to face. NE has to go to Columbus where the Crew have only lost twice in 26 games over almost two years (to Seattle and Cruz Azul) so clearly that’s not an easy win. Nor does Colorado have an easy task as RSL is 7-1-5 this year in Rio Tinto (KC beat them shockingly, not Houston, LA, Seattle, Chivas, much less Colorado!). Plus, TFC has never won in NY in their history as well as the fact that as bad as NY has been this year, they are still 4-6-4 at home with a -1 GD as opposed to their overall -25 GD. Dallas does not matter as DC holds the tiebreaker edge over them as long as no other teams horn into that tie as their better per game average points would kick in to help them.

So, there you have it. If DC wins, they have as good a chance as they will get, albeit slim shady for sure. So, the real question is can they win and the answer to that is a resounding maybe. DC is certainly capable and KC is probably only going to play spoiler a bit halfheartedly. Plus DC, as bad as they have been on the road the past few years, they have only lost once in KC since 2004. DC is a shocking 3-1-4 in KC with the only loss being that season opener last year when their minds were elsewhere as they were traveling to Pachuca for their next match.

However, stats and tendencies aside, DC has some real hard questions still to be answered up and down the team and that is no way to claw your way into the playoffs. Incredibly United, heading into the last game of the season mind you, still does not have a system in place or even a reliable set of starters. So, maybe Soehn hits the jackpot with whatever new lineup he trots out there this time, but just as likely he craps out.

Case in point, The Crew “win” was pretty much a lucky result gutted out by the old guard, while the Toluca tie was a brilliant performance (yes, a bit lucky too, but that Toluca reserve team was miles better than that Crew team in RFK) by the new wave of young and hungry types so Soehn will have to decide which way he will go, or how he will strike a balance, particularly since Quaranta and Namoff remain out.

So, right from the start, what formation does Soehn use? 4-4-2, 4-5-1, 3-5-2? What does he do with Moreno, Olsen, Fred and Gomez? What about young guys that have clearly stepped up like Khumalo, Jacobson, and Szetela? Amazingly for this late in the season, there is just so many fundamental questions still left to be answered.

Now if I was in charge and considering rest really isn’t an issue even with that tough match in Mexico a few days ago, I think this is the time Soehn has to say these are the best I’ve got and they will win this one and ride out whatever playoff string United can muster.

That means Emilio and Pontius starting at forward. They are easily the best pairing United has produced to date, and when Pontius tires Khumalo can move in for him as he has earned it with his sparkling play lately. KC has been doing a bit of shuffling in their central defense with the rookie Besler taking over for Hohlbein as partner for Conrad, so maybe that’s an area where DC can take advantage.

In midfield, even though United could afford to play five midfielders, since three in the back is fine on that tiny KC field, they should play a standard 4-4-2 as it is their best formation right now with the players they have and considering the way KC plays as well as who and where they will play in the playoffs should they get that far.

So, in the center, Gomez and Simms are the best DC has and they match up very well with Jewsbury and Hirsig (if he’s healthy), and especially against Zusi if Hirsig remains out. Maybe Szetela for Gomez if Soehn is really ready to let him out of the doghouse, but with Quaranta out and Jacobson a bit banged up, Gomez is really the best option right now unless Soehn is ready to start auditioning Szetela for that role next year.

As for the outside players, Fred barely gets the nod over Khumalo on the right. Boyzzz has probably earned it more, but sadly he plays almost no credible defense at all and Fred is at least competent in the sense that he gets in the way like the proverbial sleeping dog that trips up the burglar trying to rob the house. So, with Lopez out there for KC backed up by the very lively Harrington coming forward from his left back slot, DC needs to play someone at that right midfield slot who will track back with some type of reliability even if it is just a body to trip over.

As for the left, Wallace is a no brainer, he’s the best left midfielder DC has hands down and going against Myers for the injured Leathers and Watson is a pretty nice matchup for DC too. Plus, with the snakebit Arnaud, or maybe the anemic Herculez Gomez out there for KC, Wallace’s defensive flaws will be less crucial to the outcome most likely.

You’ll note there’s no Olsen or Moreno in those plans and as sad as it is to say, those guys are now officially past being consistently effective players. They now become the super-subs who help cement wins coming on late to provide some control and leadership, or maybe they can run out a stretch of games if injuries hit or what have you, but they are done as starters and probably finished wearing Black and Red unless they are willing to take huge pay cuts and much diminished roles in the future. We’ll see.

Now, the defense has lesser questions. McTavish or Vaughn can play the right well enough for Namoff, I’d play Vaughn personally as he has done the most at that position lately, but McTavish is great and maybe a bit more experienced in that role with DC overall. Either one of them can keep Lopez contained as good as anyone in MLS can. Then Jakovic and James are etched in stone in the center and they should be fine against Wolff and Arnaud or Zoltan.

So the only question is at left back. Burch has been average to terrible, but John is a wild card who can be brilliant or utterly useless. Burch is more experienced here and a better threat going forward, but John is a more solid defender and less likely to make mistakes. However, John has a tendency to the costly foul and does sometimes get lost. I’d play John, since KC’s attack down their right is not that scary, but either John or Burch has risks.

As for goalkeeping, I must bite my tongue and say Cronin has been fantastic. I think it’s a horrible message to send to your young players that they will get replaced at the drop of a hat by the newest flavor of the month who might be brought in, but I guess Soehn has been doing that all year in lots of positions, so why stop now. There have been none of the communication problems I expected anyway, so hopefully young Cronin keeps his streak going because with that tight field in KC, weird things can happen. Might be no shots for half an hour, then 10 in 5 minutes, or it could be end to end action for long stretches, or no action at all for a whole half.

Even the intangibles somewhat favor DC. United is 6-9-4 overall in KC, but considering the team went 3-8 there over the first 9 years of the league, DC’s recent record there isn’t too shabby. Plus, no danger of biblical storms or weather related travel fiascos either. DC is relatively hot coming off those big results against the best teams in MLS and Mexico, and they should be more motivated considering their playoffs chances, while KC hasn’t won in almost a month and they have nothing to play for.

So, there you have it. DC has the ability to win this one if they exhibit some of the will to do so. That has always been the question for this team, but now is the absolute last chance for this team to establish some kind of rhythm and maybe make some noise in the playoffs if they are lucky enough to get there.

If DC ties, they could still qualify for the playoffs, but they’d need Colorado to win, Dallas to tie, and NE and TFC to lose in order to make it on the first tiebreaker. If DC loses, they are out as they can’t pass NE or TFC in any tiebreaker scenario.

DC United and Kansas City Tie One All

It was another tale of two halves as DC held the edge for the opening 45 minutes and scored the opening goal for the fourth straight road match and seventh time in eight games overall, but unfortunately also failed to hang onto that lead for the fourth straight time as well.

United struck in the 27th minute as Santino Quaranta held up the ball well and flicked a nice heel pass to Jamie Moreno heading towards the penalty area, where he was crunched unmercifully by Jimmy Conrad. However, the ball squirted into the KC penalty area and caused a second of confusion between defender Lance Watson and keeper Kevin Hartman. That moment was all Wallace needed to reach in and poke the loose ball into the back of the net for his second goal in three games.

With Jaime Moreno getting an assist on the play, he now has 101 for his career tying his legendary compatriot Marco Etcheverry for the most in team history. Steve Ralston has the most in league history at something like 130 and counting. It was Moreno’s record 300th game as well. The next closest player is Olsen with 207. Moreno is the eighth player in league history with 300 games played. Ralston leads with 360, while Kevin Hartman, Chris Klein and Jesse Marsch are the only other active players with more games played than Jaime.

However, that play should have been United’s second goal of the night though, as United’s other first round draft pick pounded the post with a lovely shot five minutes earlier after collecting a slick return pass from Quaranta in behind Conrad down the right hand side of the box.

The tight field and general scrappy play from both sides kept the game close for most of the match, but United clearly had the best of the few opportunities in the first half, only to see that situation totally reversed in the second half as KC came out with a lot more energy and determination playing in front of 9,000 or so at CommunityAmerica BallPark.

Unfortunately, Wallace giveth and he taketh away as the saying goes. Just minutes into the second half, Lance Watson swooped in to cleanly steal the ball away from a hesitant Wallace, and feed Jack Jewsbury down the right hand side behind John who got caught out by the turnover. Jewsbury’s first time cross found Wolff who beat United’s defender Greg Janicki to the near post to slam in the ball to finish up the scoring.

KC was to have two more half chances but United got some more good fortune on the road to preserve the tie. The first was an extremely good (or lucky) non call as Simms tugged a bit on Jewsbury in the box, but his flop was way over the top and the referee refused to buy it. Then in the 62nd minute, Wolff had the game winner on his forehead but banged the ball high and wide after a nice cross by Lopez found him on the back post where he easily out-muscled Simms to get his head on it mere yards from the goal.

Given this as the middle match of three in eight days, coach Tommy Soehn used it to show off some of the depth the team has developed this year. Brandon Barklage and Andrew Jacobson got the start in the center of midfield which meant United had three players from this year’s draft, and one newly returned after being drafted last year in the midfield to start the match.

Also, Avery John got his first start since being signed in April, and Greg Janicki got his first start since his concussion in the opening match of the season. All of which meant United started the match with Christian Gomez, Luciano Emilio, and Dejan Jakovic on the bench, while Olsen, Fred, and Marc Burch didn’t even make the trip. That’s six starters for those of you keeping score at home.

So United retained a valiant point on the road, which considering their abject failures on the road last year is a pretty good sign, especially considering the judicious use of bench players. However, United has now surrendered the lead in five of their eight matches, and has only one clean sheet on the year which has to be a concern, although a minor one considering the team remains on top of the Eastern Conference and still has only one loss.

At eight games into the season, this is the deepest into the season the team has gone with only one loss since 2006, when DC didn’t collect their second loss until July.

Next up for DC is second place Toronto at RFK this Saturday night. A win over the Canadians would put DC a minimum of two points clear of anyone at the top of the table in the East.

Scoring Summary:
DC — Rodney Wallace 2 (Jaime Moreno 2, Santino Quaranta 3) 27
KC — Josh Wolff 3 (Jack Jewsbury 2, Lance Watson 1) 52

D.C. United — Louis Crayton, Bryan Namoff, Greg Janicki, Avery John, Rodney Wallace, Brandon Barklage (Christian Gomez 61), Andrew Jacobson, Clyde Simms, Santino Quaranta, Jaime Moreno (Thabiso Khumalo 87), Chris Pontius (Luciano Emilio 46).
Substitutes Not Used: Dejan Jakovic, Milos Kocic, Devon McTavish, Ange N’Silu

Kansas City Wizards — Kevin Hartman, Lance Watson, Jimmy Conrad, Aaron Hohlbein (Michael Harrington 83), Matt Besler, Josh Wolff, Santiago Hirsig, Jack Jewsbury, Davy Arnaud, Herculez Gomez (Roger Espinoza 60), Claudio Lopez.
Substitutes Not Used: Michael Kraus, Rauwshan McKenzie, Kurt Morsink, Boris Pardo, Abe Thompson

MLS inicia temporada y el toque hispano marca pauta sin precedentes con 66 jugadores

Se inicia a partir de este jueves la decimocuarta temporada de la Major League Soccer. Parece muy poco pero son 14 velitas que apagará este año la Major League Soccer estadounidense, o la MLS, conocida también por sus siglas en inglés.

Catorce años que los hemos vivido muy de cerca siguiendo al tetracampeón de la Liga el DC United capitalino, por cierto, muy venido a menos en estas tres últimas temporadas.

En esta temporada 15 equipos jugarán 30 partidos de temporada para luego en la “Liguilla” intentar el título de la Copa MLS que se jugará el 21 de noviembre en el Qwest Field de Seattle.

En mirada retrospectiva podemos afirmar, por la capacidad inherente que nos compete, que la MLS es hoy por hoy una Liga competitiva muy reconocida en el orbe mundial y ni qué decir en esta parte occidental del planeta.

Las cifras que arrojan en estos 13 años son -deveras-, muy sólidas ya que más de 36 millones de aficionados han asistido a partidos de la liga regular en sus 13 años de historia.

Así mismo, la muestra de su creciente arraigo futbolero puede decirlo la afición rojinegra del área metropolitana de Washington cuando llegan al estadio RFK, en promedio de 20,000 sufridos hinchas por partido, a alentar –y sin desmayar– al alicaido DC United.

Demostración en grande de que el fútbol es sentimiento en la tierra del Tio Sam y muy en especial en el DC United capitalino que tiene mucho justamente de ese sentimiento…Arrasa “con todo” en las buenas y en las no tan buenas.

Y que más duda cábe, para el partido inaugural entre los Sounders de Seattle y los Red Bulls de NY ya se han agotado los 32.400 boletos que se pusieron a la venta.

Sin duda alguna la MLS está ganando con creces y a viva voz a deportes sagrados para el público norteamericano, como el football americano (NFL), el baloncesto (NBA) o el mismo béisbol (MLB).

No podemos dejar de mencionar la gran respuesta al apoyo de la afición al benjamín del 2008, el Toronto FC, que vendió por toda la temporada los asientos de preventa y para este año volvieron a repetir el plato, todos los asientos nuevamente SOLD OUT. ¡Qué impresionante respuesta canadiense!

En lo futbolístico el aporte latino en este 2009 está marcando una pauta estelar. El año pasado ya hizo historia Columbus Crew, fue el Campeón del 2008 y tuvo al Jugador Más Valioso de temporada a Guillermo “Mellizo” Barros Schellotto.

Barros Schellotto fue el volante creativo argentino –jugador insignia del Boca Juniors argentino-, que supo conducir a su equipo con gran calidad futbolera hacia la conquista de un disputado título frente a los Red Bulls de New York que contó con su mejor arma al innato goleador colombiano Juan Pablo Ángel y dirigidos tambien por el técnico, también colombiano, Juan Carlos Osorio.

De pronto la novedad para este año es la llegada de jugadores jóvenes colombianos con ya reconocido cartel y buen trájín en el exterior.

Freddy Montero y John Kennedy Hurtado (Sounders Seattle), David Ferreira, el nuevo refuerzo del Dallas FC, Wilman Conde (Chicago) y Jámison Olave (Real Salt Lake), son la mejor muestra de ello.

México sigue marcando la pauta en la MLS siendo el país más representado en la Liga estadounidense, con 13 jugadores, encabezados por el controvertido pero popular Cuauhtémoc Blanco del Chicago Fire.

Blanco hoy por hoy as el segundo jugador mejor pagado de la Liga con casi 4 millones de dólares, por lo que el Chicago Fire se mantiene en buen talante con la imagen del artillero mexicano, ya que los ingresos que ha acumulado en marketing el equipo de la Ciudad de los Vientos superan los 30 millones de dólares y allí paremos de contar.

Argentina le sigue a México con 11 futbolistas teniendo al ‘Mellizo’ Guillermo Barros Schelotto como su abanderado.

Otra buena camada de seis jugadores jóvenes y con buen toque futbolístico la está marcando Costa Rica con la presencia de Gonzalo Segares (Chicago Fire) y Daniel Torres (FC Dallas), los dos en su quinta campaña. Torres retorna luego de actuar en Suecia y Noruega. Segares verá acción frente a Torres en el choque del sábado en Dallas.

Así mismo Kurt Morsink (Kansas City Wizards) va por su tercer año y debutará en el torneo 2009 el próximo sábado.

Igualmente por su segundo año seguido figuran en el New England Revolution el zaguero Gabriel Badilla y el delantero Argenis Fernández, aunque Badilla no jugará el sábado, por lesion, ante San José Earthquakes.

Otros debutantes “Ticos” son: Carlos Johnson, con Nueva York Red Bulls, y Álvaro Sánchez, con FC Dallas. Debemos aclararque Johnson no actuará pues aún espera el pase de su club noruego, Bryne, para hacer oficial su contratación.

En Washington DC la garra “Tica” la pondrá Rodney Wallace, un defensa de 20 años, que surgió de la Universidad de Maryland y si bien es cierto nunca jugó en la Primera División ‘tica’ por haber legado a los Estados Unidos a los 9 años desde su ciudad natal San Jósé.

En lo que és la nómina oficial washingtoniana cinco latinos seran los encargados de poner el toque sabroso y la novedada la marca el regreso del taletoso y fogoso mediocampista argentino Christian Gómez que jugó la temporada pasada en el Colorado Rapids.

Los otros tres restantes son rostros ya conocidos en la afición rojinegra: El boliviano Jaime Moreno, seguramente como capitán y con su historia goleadora en en MLS con 122 goles y convertido jugador emblemático de la MLS ya que ha jugado las trece temporadas. Un verdadero récord que debe pesar en el accionar de los capitalinos.

Cerrando el círculo latino están los brasileños Fred y Luciano Emilio de los que se espera una mejor temporada sobretodo con Luciano que quedó un tanto en deuda con su hinchada, -por sus lesiones-, y solo anotó 11 goles en 27 partidos del 2008.
Casi la mitad de la temporada 2007 donde anotó 20 goles en su primera campaña en la MLS, ganando el Botín de Oro.

Igulamente Emilio en el 2007 en tres diferentes ocasiones fue nombrado el Jugador de la Semana (Fecha 11, 18 y 23). También fue nombrado el Jugador del Mes de septiembre de la MLS al anotar seis goles en seis partidos durante el mes. Emilio perforó las redes de todos los equipos contrarios de la MLS, menos el equipo de Houston Dynamo.

Eso, a grandes rasgos, es el panorama novedoso hispano para el 2009, a continuación la lista –esperando no dejar a ninguno fuera–, de los latinos que sacarán la cara en la MLS estadounidense (los que están señalados con asterisco son nacidos en Estados Unidos pero de origen hispano)


Cuauhtémoc Blanco (Chicago Fire)
Jonathan Bornstein (Chivas USA) *
A.J. de la Garza (LA Galaxy) *
Eric Ávila (FC Dallas) *
Tony Beltrán (Galaxy) *
Ramiro Corrales (San Jose Earthquakes) *
Jorge Flores (Chivas USA) *
Nick García (San Jose) *
Omar González (Galaxy) *
Hérculez Gómez (Kansas City Wizards)
Eduardo Lillingston (Chivas USA)
Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake) *
Shea Salinas (San Jose) *


Guillermo Barros Schelotto (Columbus Crew)
Christian Gómez (DC United)
Santiago Hirsig (Kansas City)
Claudio López (Kansas City)
Pablo Mastroeni (Columbus)
Javier Morales (Real Salt Lake)
Gino Padula (Columbus)
Juan Pietravallo (New York Red Bulls)
Pablo Richetti (Dallas)
Darío Sala (Dallas)
Pablo Vitti (Toronto FC)


Juan Pablo Ángel (Nueva York)
Wilman Conde (Chicago)
Oscar Echeverry (Nueva York)
David Ferreira (Dallas)
John Kennedy Hurtado (Seattle Sounders)
Fredy Montero (Seattle)
Jamison Olave (Real Salt Lake)
Michael Palacio (Nueva York) *


Pablo Campos (San José)
Luciano Emilio (DC United)
Fred (DC United)
Bruno Guarda (Dallas)
Stefani Miglioranzi (Galaxy)
Paulo Nagamura (Chivas USA)
Andre Rocha (Dallas)
Marcelo Saragosa (Dallas)


Gabriel Badilla (New England Revolutions)
Argenis Fernández (New England)
Kurt Morsink (Kansas City)
Gonzalo Segares (Chicago)
Daniel Torres (Dallas)
Rodney Wallace (DC United)


Terry Boss (Nueva York) *
Jason Hernández (San Jose) *
Julián Valentín (Galaxy) *
Marco Vélez (Toronto FC)
Jeremy Hall (Nueva York) *


Mauricio Castro (New England)
Roger Espinoza (Kansas City)
Iván Guerrero (Columbus)
Amado Guevara (Toronto)

CUBA (3)

Osvaldo Alonso (Seattle)
Danny Cepero (Nueva York) *
Maykel Galindo (Chivas USA)


Arturo Álvarez (San Jose) *
Gerson Mayen (Chivas USA) *
Alfredo Pacheco (Red Bulls)


Alejandro Moreno (Columbus)
Jorge Rojas (Nueva York)


Marco Pappa (Chivas USA)


Jeremy Hall (Nueva York) *


Jaime Moreno (DC United)