Red hot Moreno leads D.C. United to their first Charleston Challenge Cup; United beats Charleston 2-0

At some point in the near future, Jaime Moreno will no longer be playing for D.C. United. The 36-year old Bolivian goalscorer will keep playing this game as long as he keeps being an effective player. Tonight Moreno scored twice to prolong Father Time and help the Black and Red to a 2-0 victory over the host Charleston Battery and won their very first Charleston Challenge Cup.

Moreno scored on a glancing header off a Christian Castillo corner kick midway through the first half. The United legend closed out the scoring in stoppage time of the first half with a very cheeky penalty kick chip that badly fooled the helpless Charleston goalkeeper. Santino Quaranta was brought down in the box after a nice pass from Castillo and an equally nice turn by Tino on the defender who dragged him down.

United also retained the vaunted Coffee Pot Cup, their own individual competition with the Battery. The Charleston Battery supporters group will pay for the beer that will fill the Cup as United’s fans will drink from the Cup in the Three Lions Pub after the match.

United will now turn their attention to the season opening match next Saturday night in Kansas City. The best news of the day, aside from United obtaining more silverware, was that the new Collective Bargaining Agreement was ratified and signed this afternoon paving the way for the start of the MLS season this Thursday evening.

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  1. patrickkennedy
    patrickkennedy says:

    Some one Other than Moreno needs to score some goals… I hope Jamie stays hot but he can’t not last all season. To be honest I didn’t anything to get excited about out there tonight. A win is a win but I saw a lot of poor first touches in the mid field, long balls and passes straight to Battery players. Preseason right?

  2. rke
    rke says:

    I agree that there were a lot of poor touches and giveaways in the midfield, and someone else needs to score… But a few things looked impressive to me:

    Defense — looks stronger and better on the ball than we’ve seen in many seasons. This is a HUGE turnaround from last year. Hope they keep it up! (And this is without Namoff & Simms — dare we call it depth?)

    Castillo — fancy moves and nice passes. This guy is a solid signing and I think he’ll live up to his promise.

    Najar — the free kick he earned and nearly put in the net were enough to convince me. Sign him up!

    Jaime — we can’t rely on him to score all our goals. But at least we can rely on him. 😉 Seriously though, it’s not just a hot streak — he’s really clicking with this year’s lineup.

    Room to improve — maybe not the best in the league, but this is a pretty young and solid foundation for an MLS side. And se have cap space to make serious upgrades. Perhaps the brain-staff is smart to hold off on big acquisitions until later in the season, when we really know what we need.

    Ever the optimist,

    – rke

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