2015 is a big year for us at UnitedMania.com as we enter our 17th year of coverage for MLS’ most successful franchise – D.C. United.

Mike and Martin started this labor of love back when there was virtually no coverage for our beloved Black-and-Red. Other than the Post and the Times you would be hard pressed to find any additional news about the league or team, especially from a group of guys that bled United’s colors. The site was born when “blogs” were still a figment of someone’s imagination, and when podcasts hardly existed.

Times have obviously changed with the inception of social media and UnitedMania.com has taken full advantage of that as we are now available across all platforms which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and iTunes.

Along the way we’ve been blessed to have worked with so many people who have contributed to our efforts. Many thanks to John Dyson, with whom we were hosts of The Soccer Show and which set the stage for our hugely popular and inovative podcast. Over the years, key contributors to the site have been Chris Webb, Randy Ruff, Rafael Crisostomo, Tony Quinn, Matt Mathai, Chris Leon, Chris Bannon, Jimmy LaRoue, Ian Plenderleith, Chris Riordan, Ed Morgans, Edgar Enciso, Chris Snear, John Haydon and Aaron Stollar, all of whom have made UnitedMania.com such a great site to be a part of.

Chris Webb does all of our current Post Game summaries as well as OpEd’s while Mike Martin handles the Pre Game duties. Randy Ruff has come back to the site and is now the fourth member of our podcast (including Martin, Mike and Chris) and will contribute the occasional OpEd piece. And as always, the stunning photography and slide shows presented on this site come from Martin Fernandez with some help from Matt Mathai, Tony Quinn and Rafael Crisostomo

UnitedMania.com will continue to offer its twice a month hour-long podcast: The UnitedMania podcast and will continue to make it available for download directly from the website and via the iTunes music store.

ABOUT UNITEDMANIA.COM: UnitedMania.com is an online publication dedicated to DC United and US Soccer fans with up to date news, information and opinion about professional soccer in the greater Washington DC metropolitan area. Founded in 1998, UnitedMania.com is an independent news source for Major League Soccer’s most decorated franchise, DC United.