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Practice Observations 2/6

The team is beginning to stress more endurance. After the warm-ups they ran 3/4 pace . .. and ran some more . . . and some more . . . and some more – nobody lagged.Then the team broke into two diamond formations for passing drills. First two touch around the diamond. Then a series […]

The Soccer Show

The Soccer Show   Listen to The Soccer Show on WUST 1120 AM, New World Radio, every Monday night at 6:00 pm for the latest news and information about DC United and Soccer in the United States. Send an E-mail Message to Soccershow1120@AOL.com and we will read and or discuss it on the air TO […]

Practice Observations

The players took the field just as the snow started to come down. By the time warm-ups were completed a fine sheet of the white-stuff covered the playing area. Warm-ups, then the team broke into 3 groups and rotated through each. The first group played 6 v. 1 "man in the middle." This continues to […]

Practice Observations 02-15

The wet weather, combined with the Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) announcement, brought out some rather important facts. First and foremost, if the field is too soggy to play on, it is possible that RFK will not allow the team to practice on it? As one staff member put it, "the team might have to practice […]