United Defeat Kansas City, 2-1 In 120 Minute Exhibition

Jaime Moreno and rookie Rod Dyachenko scored goals for DC United as they defeated Kansas City 2-1 in a 120 minute preseason exhibition in Bradenton.

United will train once more in Bradenton tomorrow before returning to Washington, DC. They won’t be there long, though, as they leave for a training stint in Spain Friday.

John Dyson’s notes follow:

1st 30 minutes

G – Rimando

D – Prideaux, Erpen, Wilson

DM – Simms

M – Moose, Adu, Gros

AM – C.Gomez

F – Filomeno, Moreno

1 – DC kicks off moving left to right and immediately pushes down into the attack.  Burciaga stands up Moose on a 1v1 challenge, but the rebound sticks to Moose’s feet and he scoots around with a step over move.  His cross is on target in the box, but Shavar Thomas is able to out leap Filomeno, and the ball is cleared.

2 – KC counters with a long ball over the top.  Arnaud and Rimando race to a 50/50 ball outside the box, and Rimando gets there first for a clearance.  KC manages to control the ball at midfield and finds space on DC’s left.  Wilson goes in hard with a tackle and gets a yellow card.

5 – Filomeno called for his second questionable off sides.  Both times he appeared to have beaten the trap.

6 – Third off sides called against DC, this one against Moreno.  Again questionable.  Three off sides, three fouls already called against DC.

9 – Long over the top ball by Rimando.  Filomeno traps, but his legs are cut out from him 30 yards out from goal.  On the free kick Gomez hits the wall, and the ball goes out for a corner.  The ensuing corner comes to nothing.

11 – Moose dribbles down right flank and gets off an excellent cross to the top of the box to Filomeno.  Filomeno dummies and let the ball through to the far side of the top of the box for Moreno.  Moreno gathers it in, cuts back to the middle of the box for space, fires on goal.  The ball deflects off Garcia’s out-stretched foot, but it isn’t enough as the ball sails into the far post upper 90 past a diving Oshoniyi.  GOAL DC 1-0.

14 – DC tries several forays down the left with no luck.  Likewise, DC goes down the right, but KC’s defense stiffens.

18 – For the most part DC is winning the pressure forward game, forcing KC to resort to several long balls.

21 – Burciaga anticipates play well in midfield and wins the ball off Moose’s foot.  He dips it forward to a charging Seely, but it ends in a weak shot.  

24 – KC with more of the play in DC’s half.  Moose makes a poor tackle in a dangerous position just outside of the box, to the right of center.  Rimando is forced to make an excellent diving save to keep the ball out of the net, and the ball is cleared.

28 – Arnaud finds a lane through the box on goal.  Rimando commits and Arnaud slips the ball to Seely for an easy tap in, but Rimando appears out of nowhere and forces an errant shot by Seely.  An outstanding series by Rimando!

30 – Erpen goes long over the top and finds Filomeno in a 1v1 with Garcia.  Filomeno tries to cut back, gets some space and shoots.  Oshoniyi stops, but the rebound bounces free in the box.  Gros charges full speed, but is short-stepped by the ball and is unable to get an effective shot off, which sailed high over the ball.

2nd 30 minutes – same lineup

31 – KC kick off and Filomeno charges immediately with a poorly timed tackle.  Yellow card.

34 – Moreno in attacking right corner drops the ball back to Moose.  Moose lets one fly to the far post, but it is cleared out for a corner.  Off the corner KC gets starts a counter.  Wilson misjudges a bounce and slips allowing an open 2v1 against Erpen.  Erpen manages to slow down the KC attack just enough to let Wilson get back in support.  KC’s cross is off target.

36 – A nice through ball by KC out of midfield gets behind Wilson into DC’s left defensive corner.  Simms slides out of his position and races down threat, pressuring just enough at the last second to force a bad cross into the box.  

39 – A very questionable call on Erpen deep in DC’s defensive third – looked like shoulder to shoulder contact (that observation from a couple well known college coaches sitting next to me).  KC totally flubs outstanding free kick opportunity by blasting it into the wall.

41 – Burciaga is forced to commit a professional foul as Moose gets a step on his way to the goal.  Adu takes the free kick, is on target, but it is punched out by Oshoniyi.  Wilson collects the ball and comes down the left side adding to the pressure.  His cross into the box is knocked out for a corner.

46 – Gros shows well on a give and go with Wilson on the left.  He races deep into KC’s defensive third.  KC manages to recover, but again needs a foul to stop the threat.  DC’s free kick is cleared.

48 – KC now counts and finds space down DC’s left flank.  The cross through the box past Erpen.  Seely is open, but unable to effectively control the ball on the far side of the box.  Rimando aggressively comes out and dives on the rabbit ball.

50 – Perkins in for Rimando.

54 – Adu gets a yellow for persistent infringement.

60 – Both sides continue to battle for the ball in midfield with no clear advantage through the end of the period.  Each team attempts both flanks and long balls over the top, but still no answer as each defensive unit clamps down on its territory.

3rd Period

GK – Perkins

D – Handy, Bertz, McTavish

M – Van Sicklen, J.Carroll, Kuykendall, DeRoux

AM – Dyachenko

F – Metcalf, Walker

63 Van Sicklen springs loose on the flank.  And pushes it forward to Carroll deep in KC’s defensive third. His cross finds Walker in the box.  Walker controls and slips it forward to a charging Van Sicklen going on goal.  Van Sicklen is cut down for a penalty.  Dyachenko steps up and slams the ball into the side netting on the PK – GOAL DC 2-0

66 – D’ko cuts down KC in midfield for a yellow card.

68 – DC really controlling 2/3rds of field with outstanding team defense and decent ball control.  No one player dominating latter part, but the young players are showing well and supporting each other effectively.

71 – D’ko tackle from behind.  He is sent back to bench with second yellow card.

75 – By “gentlemen’s agreement” between coaches Pablo Gomez is allowed to come on as a substitute for D’ko.

79 – deRoux is getting more involved in the game as he makes a dangerous run down his flank.  His threat is enough to warrant a stiff tackle by KC just outside their box for a DC free kick.  The free kick is blocked out of danger.

80 – KC is now gaining more success and possession.  The find space down DC’s left flank against deRoux and McTavish.  However the final pass is lacking.  

90 – Again, both sides settle down to equal play throughout the remainder of the quarter.  KC has some advantage going against DC’s left – McTavish a natural right-sided player.  Kuykendall and Carroll both see danger and slide over for more support, which seems to be the answer.

4th Period

91 – Webber in for Perkins.

92 – McTavish, deRoux, and Metcalf work short game well moving up left side.  Metcalf races to baseline and gets a cross off to P.Gomez at the top of the box.  Nice work by KC defender snuffs danger as P.Gomez lines up shot.

94 – KC showing much better control of midfield across left, center, and right.  They are able to force DC back on their heels for several threats.

100 – Again KC finds space in center midfield and charges through to box.  Here looks to be some confusion between J.Carroll, Kuykendall, and Bertz.  However, in this case, Bertz stops threat with good individual effort on the tackle, recovery, and clearance.

104 – KC comes through midfield on quick build up.  J.Carroll slips on challenge and KC player able to go in unabated.  McTavish slides over to cover attack leaving John Minagawa-Webster(?) unmarked on flank.  Webster receives ball and hits a perfectly placed ball to far corner.  GOAL KC 2-1

109 – Again Webster cuts in out of DC’s left flank.  He hits a hard rising shot that barely goes high for a corner.

113 – Beautiful save by Webber touching a wicked shot out of the upper 90 for a corner kick.  KC now definitely in control of the majority of play, but still can’t find final pass.

117 – P.Gomez with some excellent individual effort at midfield wins control of the ball.  He flies forward and lifts the ball forward to Van Sicklen in the corner.  His ensuing cross is well cutout by Helmer(?).  Nice play on both sides of the ball by teams.

119 – P.Gomez sends through a nice lead pass to Kuykendall.  Kuykendall sees Walker streaking forwards and tries to lead him, but it is a touch too much and Helmer beats Walker to the ball at the top of the box.


Both team’s defense were extremely good for most of the game.  KC negated DC’s midfield by playing long ball, and DC’s pressure forward didn’t give enough time for KC to have effectie set ups.  On the other hand, KC’s defense managed to shut down DC whenever hey approached the final third.  Although clearly a team effort, you’ve got to give MoM honors to Erpen for leading the defense.  Moose looked good again with some of his attacks against an experienced player in Burciaga.  The offensive pressure by Gomez-Adu-Moreno was enough to keep KC off balanced and on their heels.  For the short amount of time Dyachenko was in the game, he clearly created problems for KC with his size and physical play.  The second yellow probably wouldn’t have been pulled if the referee realized that it ws the same player as a couple of minutes prior – the KC players had to point out the fact that it was a second yellow.  I thought several of the rookies showed that preseason was almost over, and they simply wanted to get on the plane.  Not that they were just going through the motions, but they were getting burned out and needed to sleep in their own beds.  Although it was reserves against reserves, clearly Minagawa-Webster was MoM for KC.

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