Post Game Quotes (Dallas) 09-19-02

Mike Jefferies
Describe the season for Dallas?
“For us the season has been by and large pretty positive. We’ve been able to kind of get a system, and a group of guys have played together, and gotten stronger, as the year has gone on.”
“For us the last 3 or 4 weeks have been a big test. It’s the first time we’ve lost 2 games in a row let alone more, and it was important that we bounce back.”
“So tonight for us is very big in several was. One, it’s nice to get a win and head into the post season. Two, I thought it showed a lot of character to be able to bounce back after giving up a very late third goal, and close the game out eventually, and get the result in overtime. I think that’s one of the things that’s been able to carry us in a lot of games – we’ve been a team that’s been able to stay in games, and keep games tight. So, that was a big positive for us.”

What does Eddie Johnson bring to the team?
“He’s a very good young player. He came on and made an impact in this game – he got the game-winning goal. I think you saw glimpses, a little bit tonight of Eddie. He pulls off a big play at the end of the game to win us the game, and a couple of other good ones. And a couple of plays don’t go his way. I think he’s a guy we have great thoughts about the future. He’s athletic, he’s a talented player, and he’s still young.”

Even though you were already in the playoffs, how important was this game?
“It was important for us. One, we still have some hopes of home field advantage, and now the weight goes back to Colorado to get a result tomorrow, so that part makes it important. I think we were in a situation like I said, for the first time we lost a couple of games in a row, and so for us it was important to find a way to win, and maybe have that little extra edge to our confidence as we head into the post season. So those things made it an important game from our end. At the end of the game it was obvious that a tie did neither of us any good – we were both going up and down the field like mad.”

Ray Hudson
General Comments
“I haven’t thought about anything I’m going to say, I’m pretty numb. I’m proud of the effort of everybody right from the start.”
“It was probably our worst half football all season – the first season. And I had a sense, before we went out . . . there was a little bit of attitude that went out of the locker room, a little bit of edge went out of it. There was a tone in there that I didn’t like, but we’ll sort that out what that’s about. But the footballing side of it I thought we came on gangbusters and really came out with a different attitude, a much more committed drive. And we started playing some decent football. And I still think we were carrying a good few players tonight that were really below par. But some lads really stepped the game up big time as well in response, especially in the second half.”
“Credit Dallas – that’s a good team. The forwards were particularly sharp and menacing. That part of it was the difference. But all in all, maybe it’s a bit of a poetic way to go out this year, because were we good enough? We had a lot spirit, we had a lot of bounce, they played their hearts out for each other – I’ll give them that. But there is obviously some things that need to be put right with this squad.”
“We did our club proud. It must have been a decent game for national television. I think we did our fans . . . we went out swinging and fighting and clawing, and it just couldn’t take that last gasp of air. And you know what? That’s maybe who we’ve been all year long. Right from the start just not good enough, and it’s got to change.”
“It’s over now and it’s got to be influenced, and things have got to get better on a number of fronts. A number of situations in this club I want to build a better fighting spirit. I want to build a better footballing team. I want to be a better passing team. I want to be more menacing. That’s what I’ve got to go out and cobble into this team. There’s a lot of good stuff to work with – a lot of good stuff to work with! When you think of Quaranta, Convey tonight – he was my man of the match – and Nicky . . . . We’ve got a lot of good ones and I don’t just mean the young players, but the veteran players. There’s some good stuff to keep in this side. But this is the third year and it can’t go on. We’ve got to try to affect it. We’ve got to be brave and we’ve got to be bold and we’ve got to stand up and face the music after another sub par year. And all the excuses, and I think there are some valid ones, it still doesn’t pull the wool over my eyes, it just doesn’t, and again, we’re going to have to affect it.”
“Again, I credit Dallas – in a real alley fight and to come out with the last punch. I thought we could’ve won the game. I thought we were going to get it. I felt like it was going to be our night. But, now the agony is ended. It has been a very torturous year for me personally.”
“We’ll get it right. We’ve got a lot of good stuff to work with. We’ll be an improved side next year, I’ll guarantee it.”

What went wrong on Dallas second goal?
“Is that the one that went over him? Dallas is a team that really can strike from anywhere – they’ve done it before. They’re brave! They take a chance.”
“It flew over and in. It was a good snap shoot that found the back of the net. It felt as if that was the way they were going to score, like a pop and it’s in. We weren’t able to provide that sort of marksmanship – that’s what it’s called.”

Did you feel that unlike the rest of the year the defense let you down and the offense played well?
“No, I thought Eddie battled well. Milton had a real decent game. Bryan showed up as well. The kid comes up from the A-League, and the kid stepped up as well.”
“We’re missing a lot of players. But, they did us OK.”
“There was a little bit of a break down here or there, but we didn’t set out at the start of this game with the right . . . we didn’t have the right tools . . . it was one of those nights that it just didn’t go well right from the outset. The first 45 minutes was crap! I blistered them at half time. Most of the guys that came in did well, but there was an attitude in there right from the kick-in out f—— there with some!”

What kind of attitude?
“This isn’t the time to go into this because that’s a personal confrontation that I’m going to have with a certain individual. I’d rather not really get into that. But, I hate that s—. It’s like that sort of . . . . that attitude . . .”
“It’s funny because you get that feeling from that one thing. Then it’s like a disease it spreads like a f—— cancer, and it gets in. It won’t get into this team. It will be cut off at its the source. You could sense it and I told them before we took the field, ‘There’s something in here that’s been set by somebody’s attitude, and it’s going to affect us.’ I don’t know if you want to call it karma, or if that’s just . . . people think, ‘That’s just b——- to be talking about that.’ But, there was something that f—— stunk like high s—, and it won’t be there next year.”

Was it a player or official?
“I don’t want to tell you honestly. It something we’ll do . . . we’ll wash our own dirty laundry and throw it out.”

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