Post Game Quotes (Aguila) 10-26-02

Ray Hudson
Opening comments
“It was a chippy sort of a game, . . . which is good . . . it meant something to the two teams. It’s far nicer to see a competitive football game than a tea party. That was a tea party El Salvador style I think. There really was some edge to it. It may not have been some technically beautiful stuff, but that was the type of night it was. They wanted to play top-notch for those great fans.”
“I have no problem with their countrymen coming out and shouting for their boys. I totally understand and appreciate that. And that was part of the challenge, to overcome that. Like Bruce’s (Arena) boys have to do on so many occasions. It’s a part of the conversion. And I hope the fans saw that we can handle the rough and tumble stuff, and take our kicks, and come back at them.”
“I was delighted with the pretty goals we scored. They weren’t garbage goals. They were nice, well connected, passing forward, running goals, and I was really pleased with that.”
“I have to say though, I came in at half time, and I think there’s only two other times the whole of last year where I came in and really blown my top at the boys, and I did at half time. I’m not proud of that, and I don’t like that, but I thought we were playing some shoddy passing football. I think the difference in the second half was that they were much more focused.”
“That for me is not a good sign. It just means that I’ve got to work harder. It’s not working harder where you’ve got to blast players, and collectively get down the team’s throat because we weren’t able to play the ball amongst each other to the extent of what we can do, and we should do. It’s where I want us to get. So, we’ve got to become much, much better and focused on our passing game because when we lost possession, they had some wriggly little players that could slip by you and threaten.”
“But overall, delighted by the second half performance – much, much better right from the get-go. If you can re-play that first ten minutes in your mind, it set the tone that we going to come out and knock it around and make our superior technical ability and athleticism tell. We weren’t doing that in the first half. We weren’t doing that in the first half. I was delighted with the way the guys responded. It was not a nice dressing room at half time.”
“And all credit to them. It was nice to see the lads come, like Roy Lassiter getting a goal, and McGinty finally smelling the grease paint. So all of that part is nice. And like I said, there were good goals. I thought they were quality goals. They were a combative team, and for the first half they gave us a game, a good game. I’m just pleased that we put the goals in the net, and made our statement that we are worth watching.”
“For those El Salvador fans that just come watching, I hope they’re honest enough that they can go away and say, ‘That’s a decent team we got beat by tonight.’ There’s no argument, we were a better team, and that says something.”
“It’s a good product, and it’s a good performance, in the second half especially. I was pleased because it had an air . . . it could have gone against us. It’s easy now looking at that score like, 4-0, but you’ve got to earn that right every game.”
“Once we went 1-0, we got soft . . . we got casual, and I hate that. We got casual, lethargic, people weren’t focused, it didn’t matter where it ended up, and people got disjointed. That’s not going to win you MLS games. We’ve got to get tougher, stronger, and tighter, and more focused. We’ve got too many good players out there.”

Did you learn anything new?
“I’ll tell you what, it’s the last game of the season, and when I go home tonight it’s . . . I hate having to resort to blasting players . . . collectively, there wasn’t any particular one. But we put enough work into our team throughout the week that that should not happen. I learned that there’s still that softness about us. There’s still that we’ve got to hold people to the fire and rely on that.”
“It shouldn’t come from us. It’s got to come from within the players. There’s a lot of good players there, but I thought we got let down by a lot of poor performances in the first half. They weren’t able to get it up. And when we took the flamethrower to them at half time, ‘Oh yeah, now we’ll play!’”
“That’s not the way Arsenal f—— play. They’ve got some f—— standards! It’s not the way a good championship team plays. It’s from within . . . it’s the camp. I think we have too many players that cut corners.”
“I was just saying before the game we cut corners. It’s just enough .. . No! Those fans of ours, and this franchise deserve to have players that are totally focused, completely committed, and won’t settle for mediocrity. I won’t!”
“We were 1-0 up, and the guys were a bit surprised. We’ve got to set our standards higher.”

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