Post Game Quotes

Ray Hudson

– General Comments

‘Earned the win . . . a hard earned win in the end. The clamor for the young guns, the ‘Why aren’t I playing? . . . Why aren’t I getting more minutes?’ . . . Other than David Stokes and Doug Warren, any of them can come into my office, any day of the week, and bang on my desk, and get in fits of rages, and ask why they are not playing, and I’ll remind them of that game tonight. They’ve got a long, long f—— way to go, and it showed tonight. I’m disappointed with some of their performances. I thought all the veterans played great parts, but there are some young guns that are woefully short of where they think they are. And sometimes it takes that light to be put on them on the stage. The bugle calls and that’s it.’

– How do you think Quintanilla played?

‘Not bad . . . In and out in flits. In and out. That’s not a 90-minute extravaganza for sure. He’s a nice, technical, little player, that’s young, and has a long way to go. But he’s a neat, tidy little player. So is ‘Eski’, so is Brian Carroll, and so is Devin Barclay. I’d put them all in that category together.’

– How concerned were you about the outcome in the last few minutes of the game?
‘You know, if you’re going to f—— fluff away chances like that . . . If they had equalized I would have been blistering them in there (locker room). And it will come. I won’t happen tonight, but in the next couple of days I’ll have them in individually because this game should have been put away numerous times! This season has been that way for our first choice eleven. And when the kids get the opportunity to step up and say, ‘Give me a turn. I can do this’, and they flop. I think that’s what a lot of those performances were by the kids. And I don’t care if . . . I’m sorry for being so harsh. I’m sorry for harsh on the little darlings, but sometimes they need to get their (bum)s smacked, and they will.’

– Did the play of Pittsburgh surprise you at all?

‘We had them down. We had them buried. We had the tombstone on them. They’re a gritty little team. They didn’t lay down. I’ll tell you what, I liked the kid who scored the f—— goal! I liked him a lot! He knits his game together. Everything was just so . . . We earned the right ? we got the two goals, and I’m just . . . I was just disappointed with the manner which they eased off when we were 2-0 ahead. But that’s youth. That’s kids. That’s inexperience, naiveté . . . call it what you want.’

– Are you going to use a different approach in the next match?

‘No! I’ll put them in again! I’ll let them drown again if they want. That’s the only way they’re going to learn. I appreciate that. These are the few situations that they get to strut their stuff. And I’ll give it to them again. I’m not going to hide them, but it’s disappointing. Am I pleased? No. Were there any impressive performances by any of these kids that are supposed to be this, that, and the other? No. They were sub-standard, and I mean right across the board ? you put Quaranta in there as well. Eskandarian . . . These guys have got to start living up to their big reputations. I don’t know where it’s come from I tell you. And I mean this is halfway through the season and John (Trask) and I considerate, and we molly-coddle them as much as anybody. A lot of them have had silver spoons stuck so far up their a—- for so long . . . They’ve got to get their crib rattled. For me it’s just not good enough for DC United. And the thing is, if they honestly feel they played up to their ability and reputation, and they showed enough to earn a place in the starting eleven, I’ll laugh at them in their faces because you couldn’t compare half of those players to our starters.’

‘Sometimes it’s just got to be said. We’ve been hiding behind statues for a long time. And we’ve been hiding behind young reputations with potential. Sometimes they’ve got to hear it in big block letters, rather than having them stroked all the time.’

– Were the Stoichkov and Namoff substitutions done to give them a run-out, or because you were worried about Pittsburgh coming back?

‘I think everybody wants to see Hristo Stoichkov. These people paid their money, and he’s always worth paying for. I didn’t think the result was ever going to be in doubt. We did enough, but it’s not good enough ? it’s just not!’
‘I?m not going to feel f—— guilty about protecting these players anymore. They need to be held accountable. I’m sick of it! It’s like ‘He’s this . . . he’s that . . . He’s a neat little player’ . . . that f—— s— that wrote about a player. F— that! It’s not good enough! This isn’t McDonald?s football. This isn’t bloody recreational soccer! This is a professional outfit and you’ve got to do it on both sides of the ball. And when you get your chances, can you put one out of four away? Do you think you can do that? Do you think you can just put one out of four? No, can’t do that, sorry.’

– What’s the status on Petke’s injured ankle?

‘Well, we took the precaution of taking him out, so I hope he’s going to be alright for Saturday. I think he will be.’

– Any more definition on what the team lineup will be on Saturday? Will Etcheverry play?

‘It’s very possible. I’d love to see Marco fit enough and hungry enough to get in because I want Etcheverry on the field, and I want him soon as possible, and I want him fit. He can bring an awful lot. He’s still the best player we’ve got when he’s right. And I hope he’ll be right for Saturday. I’ll definitely want to play him.’

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