Post Game (NY) Quotes 09-14-02

Octavio Zambrano
Can you give your general comments on the game?
“Not a very pretty game obviously. We were defending for most of the night. I don’t think the officiating was obviously up to par. I just don’t think it was a very good game. It was a good result for DC . . . that’s all that counts for them.”
“For us it’s now a re-grouping period. Mathmatically we can still be in it and we’re hoping for that to happen.”

What did you see on the Mathis play?
“A red card.”

How much of an effect was playing 2 games in 48-hours?
“It was the same for both of the teams so it really isn’t a factor.”

What did you think on Howard’s red card?
“It was a terrible call because it was clear that he was going for the ball. He wasn’t touched by Lassiter, who took him wide, but the momentum was inevitable that they were going to collide.”
“When you have intent to hurt the player, or to really stop him – to reach for him – I believe that is a red card foul. But unfortunately . . . The issue of referring is a very touchy issue because we are constantly being reminded that we shouldn’t speak badly of it or we will face the consequences.”
“It’s been too long of a season to add to it so I’ll just leave it at that. I think the fans who understand the game understand perhaps what people all around understand.”

Ray Hudson
What are your general thoughts on the game?
“A good win . . . battled hard . . . and with what we had to go out there with, I thought the guys who came in did really well and stepped up and bravely supported. It was a brave win – a brave, gutsy, spirited win.”
“I hope the fans are pleased with that.”

What did you think of Namoff’s performance?
“Marvelous, Bryan was outstanding. Pretty much I would call him close to faultless. It was an absolutely wonderful performance by the kid that played 90 minutes the day before – yesterday – for his team. He showed poise, he didn’t dwell on the ball, absolutely 5-star – 10 out of 10. He really showed up.”
“I’m going to go down and repay the favor and go down and watch him tomorrow. Marvelous, I can’t ask anymore.”

What effect was it playing two games in 48 hours?
“It was draining and it showed in a lot of players, some more than others. That’s definitely a valid thing to take into account for both teams. I think we showed a little bit more resilience, desire.”
“We moved about well. Kevin had said at half time we were moving it well. We were moving it nicely. Passing was very slip shod, but the conditions – take into account – and we played 48 hours.”
“We’ve got to be ecstatic, but have too high of standards sometimes for certain players, and in certain situations. But I’m delighted for the fans and the players. Ali coming in and doing wonderful, and Roy having a great chance. But I think Eliseo and Henry set the stall out and were dangerous. So all in all we cannot complain. It was very . . . it was a great win. It makes it interesting.”
“It’s so bitter sweet. I’m not going to sleep a f—— wink tonight. I don’t want to get into this, honestly lads. It breaks me heart. It breaks me heart to see what we’re putting up with the . . . the way the lads burst their f—— hearts for each other and some players are out there not doing s—! They aren’t even in the f—— team. It f—— makes me want to puke. And when you see a team that is just cobbled together like that, thrown together, and you see the way they work for each other getting out wins, its f—— marvelous. But something inside of me is very angry because there’s something seriously missing inside this club that we will put right next year. This doesn’t pull any wool over my eyes.”

Is it the lack of urgency?
“It’s a lot deeper than that. Like I say, I just have very high standards. I think that’s why I was hired.”
“I know what’s wrong. I know what’s f—— wrong and we’ll put it right. I’ll be f—— ruthless with it!”
”We’ll take it to Dallas on Thursday, and we’ll try to end the season, no matter if we get into the playoffs, on a high note for these fans – marvelous, marvelous fans.”

Because NY is stilling chasing the playoffs, were you surprised that NY never really mounted an offense other than the gifted goal?
“It was a gift . . . You’re a dead right. Octavio has got a wobbly ship. That’s where you dig deeper. That’s where we beat them tonight we dug deeper. We wanted it more.”
“Bruce Arena has either got to be the greatest comedian or . .. he said, ‘Well, that was never in doubt.’ I thought that was beautiful. It seemed that it was on the cards that we’d come though, but god, you talk about Chinese water torture!”
“It’s funny, this is the beauty of the game. They’re champions of the division when its all done and dusted and they’re carving their name in it and then its ‘whoops . . . whoops.’ They could be . . . It’s an amazing sort of season! That’s the thing tonight I’m actually going to be kicking ‘Punky.’ I’m going to go home and kick my dog. He’s going to get his ass kicked; it’s his fault as much as anybody’s. We could be in there – we could and we should. We’ve got a 19 year old kid up top and we’ve got a kid, Henry, who is still learning the lads names, and we’ve got Roy that comes in – a travel journeyman, and we’ve got Ali Curtis, green as grass, but a big heart. What a difference, a big heart you’ve got to reward them.”
“I think it’s NY . . . They’ve got to dig deep for their colors.”

What did you think of the officiating?
“You know when you win it’s a different kettle of fish, isn’t it?”
“It might have been . . . I think Clint might have been victimized by it – it looked worse than it was. But you know if you step onto a kid’s face – and Clint’s not that way . . . I’m sure it wasn’t intentional – it might have been a harsh call.”
“With Roy’s? I don’t know. It looked like Roy had broke his leg. The kid did great. He was through and he got wiped out as far as I could see.”

What are your thoughts about Tab Ramos – last game played at RFK?
“Tab Ramos? Fabulous. For me he’s a spectacular footballer. He was the guile when the United States didn’t have any. He was the class when the United States were just starting to snip at what class is all about. Tab Ramos for me is certainly one of the greatest players the United States ever produced.”
“I love his vision. You look at his eyes – just look at his eyes – they are like saucers. He’s a lovely footballer.”
“I don’t know why he’s hanging it up? I’d take him tomorrow. So if he wants to have an extended season, we can talk.”
“A super player. I have nothing but the ultimate, consummate respect for Tab Ramos. He’s a player of great style and ability – a great competitor.”
“He was right at the fore front when the United States were just starting to advance. It’s a shame that he’s not 6 or 7 years before of his time, because he was ahead of his time. He’s one of those players that might not have had his full support and cast around him. I think at his best he could play with any team in the world. He was that good.”

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