Olsen Starts In Reds Win

The Reds got off to a bad start, conceding a goal very early in the game from a dubious free kick. No less than a minute earlier, the Reds were denied a penalty when Lester was pushed over in the penalty area.

The equalizer came for Forest in the 36th minute, when the reds were awarded a penalty kick. Five minutes later Nottingham took the lead for good on a beautiful volley from outside the area by Foy. The ball went over the keeper’s head and just under the crossbar.

Forest went on to score a third goal in the 63rd minute from a Foy corner kick. Sciemeca collected the ball and headed into the net.

The Red’s midfield played an outstanding game, with all goals coming from them. Olsen played an outstanding match. He showed great skill and despite his size he is a good tackling player.

The Red’s have won 5 out of their last six games and continue moving forward towards promotion. They remain in 9th place with the play-off gap narrowing.

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