DC Expects Giant Victory

United should have the edge due to the relative strengths of the leagues each play in, but as recent results have shown, playing in Jamaica could be a difficult hurdle to overcome.

The Jamaican team has been described as being primarily young, fast, and relentless. Among their most notable players is dangerous striker Denton Sheddon, who had two goals in the series against SV Transvaal. Hard-tackling defender Gerald Neil anchors the Arnett back line. He also displayed his offensive skills against the Suriname side, netting two goals.

Doubtless their field will be some pockmarked nightmare or shaggy morass specifically chosen to give the home side an edge as well. The Jamaicans demolished Transvall 5-1 at home to advance to this round after a road tie 1-1 in the first game. Add in the rabid fans and the makings of an upset are all there. It should be a perfect opportunity for United to gel together by overcoming some adversity on the road.

Most likely Rongen will continue with the lineup that built up the big lead versus Miami last Friday night. Albright and Conteh supported by Marco, Nelson, and SuperBobby showed some deadly passing that hopefully will continue. Kamler may also have solved the problem on the right by playing a solid game and even chipping in an assist. The defense will have their work cut out for them given the speed of the of their opponent, but hopefully will continue improving their overall play.

It should be an exciting and fast paced game as both teams apparently have similar styles. United has never lost to a Caribbean team and I don’t expect them to start with this game. It’s doubtful they will have an answer for Marco and though young, our starters all have international experience, which should be enough to overcome their speed and home field advantage. The game will probably be close but we should be at least one goal better than them.

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