About UnitedMania.com

UnitedMania.com is your independent news source for Major League Soccer's most decorated franchise, DC United.

This site was created in 1998 by DC United fans Martin Fernandez, Mike Martin and Rafael Crisostomo. The overall goal was to provide DC United and MLS fans with an alternative news and information resource other than the mainstream media outlets and the league.

UnitedMania.com was originally part of the Rivals Network of Sports sites. When Rivals folded in 2001 UnitedMania.com, along with several other Rivals sites went on to create the mlsfansites network.

In 2003, UnitedMania.com affiliated itself with the MatchNight News Network. As a MatchNight affiliate, UnitedMania.com offered MLS and DC United fans with more resources and information than ever before.

For the 2004 season, UnitedMania merged with OnTheSidelines.org – published by Jimmy LaRoue – to offer the most in-depth coverage for all soccer teams in the Mid-Atlantic region.

The 2007 season brings along more changes to the site; UnitedMania.com is once again and independent resource. Our core group of writers, including Mike Martin, Chris Webb, Jimmy LaRoue and John Dyson return for yet another season. To go along with the words, Martin Fernandez and contributing photographers will continue to provide our writers with a collection of up to date DC United Match Photos.

UnitedMania is also proud to present The Soccer Show, a staple in the DC United Community; Weekly episodes of the acclaimed sports-talk podcast will air weekly on the site and be available via the iTunes Music Store.

Stay tuned for more features as the upcoming MLS season rolls around, including contributions from other writers and photographers and more and more features than you can kick a ball at.

We're glad to be back in 07 for yet another year covering MLS's most decorated and premier franchise: DC United.

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